Worthwich Wizarding Weekend is a 3 day magical retreat to Worthwich School. Upon arrival, 1st years will be sorted into one of our 4 unique houses. Students will participate in a core curriculum of courses including: potions, charms, defensive magic, divinations, herbology, history of magic, flying lessons, and wand making. Houses will compete against one another in daily games of our favorite flying sport, attend nightly screenings of magical moving pictures with delicious brews & treats, and try to win the house cup.

Each witch & wizard will earn points for their house based on performance in magical classes. Rule breaking will be punishable by removal of house points and assignment of detention.

More Info:

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If you have a question you may message the headmaister directly through the Owlery.

Worthwich Wizarding Weekend is for students 21+, nooo exceptions.
We offer separate events and classes for younger witches & wizards.

Students may bring with them if they choose a toad or an owl, which must have its own housing and food. No other pets are allowed at Worthwich Wizarding Weekend unless they are service animals with papers.