Spells and incantations are the most basic and important skills of the witch or wizard. You will practice the proper techniques for spellworking, and learn the differences between charms, jinxes, hexes, courses, and transfigurations.

Practice levitation, spells to mend, lock, light, and stun. Master proper wand motions and how to annunciate. Practice with a partner, transfiguration and cursing of your fellow students is strictly prohibited.


c863bc6b913dbc49e094ee20eddec0edMabbina MacCormack

Specialty- dueling and untraceable curses
Hobbies- cookies & quidditch

Professor MacCormack, affectionately called Professor MacMac, attended a prestigious school of witchcraft & wizardry in Scotland. Her professors recall she was the only one of her grade to receive an outstanding mark on her charms examination. But do not be fooled by MacMac’s charming personality, she is a master duelist and specializes in untraceable curses. After graduating, she pursued teaching witches & wizards imprisoned outside the magic world that were unable to attend a magical institution. Professor MacCormac believes all witches & wizards born with magical abilities deserve the finest education available. When the opportunity arose for her to join a new magical school for displaced and misfit wizards she floo at the opportunity.

Do not be fooled by this charming & cheery face. Many have underestimated me. Care for a cookie?” – Mabbina MacCormack