Are you in the beyond? I think not, because you do not yet know how. Learn the art of reading tea leaves, making predictions, omens, and future telling from star gazing, tasseography, and palmistry. All instructors certified and extremely qualified for their professorship.

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Divinations Tea Party – an introductory workshop on divinations focusing on the art of tasseography. Divinations is a serious art form, but this event is intended to be fun, silly at times, and an opportunity to meet new friends and strengthen old bonds. In this workshop you will learn…

  • history of the practice of divinations
  • how to broaden your mind to be able to read the future
  • about the specialities within the field of divinations (there are over 300 methods!)
  • introduction to tasseography (the art of reading tea leaves)
  • methods of tasseography and reading the quadrants
  • meaning of common symbols
  • differences between symbols, runes, and omens
  • best practices for interpretation of symbols and their meanings
  • how to scribe symbols

Tea is included with your ticket! This 2 hour event includes 30 minutes of introduction and instruction during which students will be able to enjoy sipping their tea followed by a hands on practice in groups with reading tea leaves. Students will have the chance to have their own cup interpreted and will be interpreting the tea leaves of others in this fun and relaxed lesson. Towards the end of the class students will have the chance to order and enjoy some delicous mediterranean food while socializing with fellow students and continuing their practice. We encourage you to attend whether you come by yourself, with a group of friends, members of your coven or wizarding school, or a partner.  Enjoy socializing with like minded witches & wizards.

*Divinations Tea Party is recommended for adult witches & wizards. This workshop involves sitting still for 2 hours and enjoying a cup of tea. If you have a younger witch or wizard you feel would enjoy this class and meet the requirements, they are welcome to join us.

What to bring: Yourself, your open and engaged mind, and your comfy party pants.

Our Venue: We have reserved the beautiful Sultan Lounge which is a private room at Phara’s mediterranean lounge. The room is all low level seating including cushions and/or low to the floor chairs. Please be sure your mobility needs work with this space and that you are able to get down and up from low level seating. Parking: FREE and bountiful.


Professor ValeProfessor Markus Vale

Specialty- crystal ball gazing and ancient runes
Hobbies- nightime scream runs

Whilst a seedling young wizard, Professor Vale was adopted into the dark, spiritual subculture of Europe where he studied enlightenment of the mind into the beyond. His formal wizarding education started later than most and developed under the great history and minds of the northernmost institute of magic. After graduating he took up traveling and endeavored to expand the minds of the world’s most resistant witches & wizards. Professor Vale fits right in amongst the misfit and displaced wizards that have found a home at Worthwich school.

No one is beyond your reach when you let your mind grow and your heart seek.” – Markus Vale