Learn the light and dark history of magic and the witches & wizards who shaped our world. Learn the history of Worthwich and other schools of witchcraft and wizardry around the world. Watch a documentary on WWII and be tested on your knowledge about the most famous witches and wizards.

daily_prophet___pottermore_by_nathanthenerd-d45idis.pngProfessor Alyssandra Silverslight

Specialty- ancient magic
Hobbies- fashion for the modern witch & preservation of muggle artifacts

Professor Silverslight was born in a small New England town on the east coast of the United States to a proud magical family. She comes from a long line of powerful and headstrong witches. Despite her family heritage Alyssandra holds no grievances with muggles, and in fact loves to visit ancient muggle sites. Professor Silverslight was one of a very few witches to be offered a space in all four houses at her school. During her 5th year of study she had the opportunity to study abroad at the french academy of magic for one year. During her time in Europe she grew her love of history and traveling, learning all the secrets she could about our magical world including the development of magic itself. She pushes for truth wherever she goes and never stops searching until all her questions are answered. Alyssandra will be teaching her second term as the History of Magic professor at Worthwich school this fall, and is considering joining other professors to teach a course on non-magical beings. She will also be reporting for the school newspaper, interviewing students and professors and reporting on school events, mishaps, and sporting events daily.