The only class where excessive or minimal wand waving is strictly prohibited by order of the professor. Learn the delicate art and fine science that is potion making. Learn about potions for healing, protection, and personal enhancement. Learn how to recognize the lesser and greater poisons and how to brew their antidotes.

Even brew a batch of your favorite bubbly drink!

Each student will have the opportunity to brew a potion or several in their class; potion(s) to the discretion of the professor.


IMG_5761.jpgProfessor Faye LeFey “the fearless”

Specialty- herbs and anti-aging potions
Hobbies- vampire slaying

Professor LeFey’s backstory is a little hazy. She is a descendent of Morgan le Fay. For a time, she attended school in the jungle of South America, focusing her studies on potions and herbology. She did not however graduate from this school. In the summer between her 6th & 7th years she went missing, or at least could not be found, or did not wish to be. She showed up on the shores of America some time later and set out across the country collecting uncommon ingredients along the way. She stumbled upon Worthwich school, known as PotterSmore school at the time, while tracking a vampire through the mountains in Oregon. Having been without a home for so long Faye was warmed by the welcome she received here and has yet to leave.

Fear is an allusion, a curse, an enchantment, and I have just the counter for it.” – Faye leFey