Lucilius Theriot-Leep

Lucilius (Luke) Theriot-Leep was born to Cajun No-Maj parents in a small town in the swamps of Louisiana. He had a pleasant and loving childhood on the bayou, but he never quite fit in with the rural community as he didn’t like getting muddy and wet outside (and the mosquitos drove him nuts). He was bookish as a child and preferred being indoors. Growing up he was fascinated in flight—but not manmade aviation. Birds and bats intrigued him, and he was particularly interested in the idea of flying with an umbrella like Mary Poppins, his favorite movie.
He attended Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after the school somehow detected his magical abilities. Learning he was a wizard was a shock to Luke, and he struggled to accept his new identity because he feared he wasn’t meant to be a wizard. At Ilvermorny, he was selected by Horned Serpent and Thunderbird House, and despite not feeling confident in his intelligence, especially in a magical world he was unfamiliar with, he chose to join Horned Serpent in hopes that others would see him as a competent member of the school and wizarding community. While Luke was intelligent, his lack of confidence in his new world prevented most magical subjects from coming naturally to him, and he had to work diligently to become one of the best students in his class, live up to his house’s reputation, and prove himself. He particularly excelled in his History of Magic courses since he used his newfound understanding of the magical world to help integrate himself into it. He also thrived in his flying classes, much to his own surprise and delight as he was able to pursue his passion for flight.
Embracing his newfound adroitness, Luke made the Horned Serpent quidditch team in his second year after being pestered and prodded by his friends to try out. Due to his long limbs, he played keeper and seeker and helped lead his team to win five Quidditch Cups over the six years he played. As his graduation from Ilvermorny approached, Luke longed to become a magical history professor and help other students navigate the wizarding world as his teachers had for him, and he also began to prepare for No-Maj teacher certification exams in Social Studies in the event he couldn’t find an open position at a wizarding school. However, in his seventh year, he was recruited and offered a position to play for the Fitchburg Finches professional quidditch team after his graduation. He decided he could put off teaching for a few years since an opportunity like this wouldn’t present itself again, and he accepted the offer. (He often joked that his parents were too big of sports fans, No-Maj or wizarding, for him to turn down the offer and that they would’ve disowned him if he had.) For the two years Luke has played for the Finches, they haven’t had much significant success (the last time they did was in the early twentieth century), but they are gradually improving, and many quidditch analysts and commentators project the Finches to be a contender for the United States League Cup within a few years.
While Luke enjoys playing quidditch, he feels he has more meaningful contributions to make in society, and he longs to begin teaching. He has accepted a part-time position as the Quidditch Instructor at Worthwich School and hopes to step in full-time as the History of Magic professor in the future as the position is currently vacant. Until then, he plans to keep playing for the Finches to save enough money to sustainably live on a teacher’s salary. Meanwhile, when he is not traveling around the United States with the Finches or teaching at Worthwich, he researches magical aviation in the hopes of finally discovering how Mary Poppins flew with her umbrella. He hopes to pioneer the development of the umbrella as a tool for flying because he considers it a much more convenient and useful object to have on hand than a broomstick.
Luke knows he still has so much more to learn about the wizarding world, and he can’t wait to learn alongside his students at Worthwich this year.

Until then, go Finches!